Surrogacy Contracts

Surrogacy contracts are written agreements between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. The surrogacy contract documents their intent for the surrogate mother to carry a child on behalf of the intended parents, and sets out everyone’s rights and duties, including creation of a trust or escrow account for payments to the surrogate, the surrogate’s conduct throughout the pregnancy (e.g., travel, diet, medical care), medical decisions, health insurance coverage for the pregnancy and delivery, and similar matters. 

Surrogacy contracts are based on state law and can be enforceable or unenforceable, depending on the state involved and the particular facts. Every surrogacy arrangement is unique, and factors such as residency, marital status and type of assisted reproduction treatment can make all the difference. Greg’s 30+ years of extensive experience in third party reproductive law ensures that you will have a contract that anticipates risks and fully protects the rights of your family.

Surrogacy and donor law in the state of Texas.

Legal Services Include:

  • Advising on arrangement terms
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing surrogacy contracts
  • Obtaining court approval (validation) of surrogacy contracts
  • Obtaining pre-birth orders establishing parental rights
  • Drafting and filing post-birth notices with the court
  • Obtaining required final confirming court orders for parentage
  • Drafting hospital releases and temporary guardianship appointments
  • Drafting co-parenting agreements
  • Drafting legal release letters required by IVF clinics 
  • For international arrangements, advising on U.S. citizenship and passport matters

Greg represents independent clients, agency-represented clients and family/friend arrangements. Most legal services are offered on a flat fee basis.


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